February 2023

Traditional jhumkas design in gold

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Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend’ is not so true, because all kinds of jewellery be it gold, silver, pearls, gemstones are a girl’s best friend. With new innovative designs and innumerable options to choose from, Jewerelly is what completes your outfit. From light jewellery for daily wear to heavy and gorgeous ones to wear on special occasions, today every kind of jewellery for every age and every budget is available. But it can be difficult to put in so much effort and time into jewellery shopping, in our busy schedules. And so many options like gold, Ruby, emerald, pearls, diamonds etc can confuse your mind even more! So let us be your saviour and help you choose something:

Diamond Chandbali Earrings

Go for traditional jhumkas design in gold. ‘Every Jewerelly suits every woman’s a myth because, for every face type or skin tone, there are different kinds of Jewerelly. But golden jhumkas are something that no woman can go wrong with – it literally suits any face type, any skin tone, any age group etc.

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If you’re getting hitched, then first of all congratulations! And secondly, as the bride, traditional jhumka design in gold are earrings that will go whatever outfit you pick. You can go for lightweight jhumkas or heavy ones, and these jhumkas will make the elder family members happy, being traditional. Keeping in mind your budget, choose the perfect jhumkas – but make sure you consult yours make up artist because they know best about what will look good on you. And obviously, consult your mother, they can never go wrong! As the groom, if you’re looking to gift something to your would-be wife, traditional jhumkas are the best choice.

Now, you don’t have to get married to wear gold jhumkas! You can wear them any party, just coordinate it with your outfit of the day. From a tiny toddler to someone your age, or your mother’s or even your grandmother’s – golden jhumkas celebrate every age group. As a blend of tradition and modernity, it is a favourite of one and all.

Golden jhumkas can also be sported with daily wear – small and lightweight jhumkas can be worn to your college or office. They can even serve as the perfect gifts for someone’s birthday or anniversary.

However, while purchasing the jewellery, there are some things to keep in mind: Make sure the jewellery is from trusted Jewellers, whether online or offline. Compare different companies to help you get a better perspective on which one gives you more perks. Keep your budget in mind, and don’t spend the extra money and then regret it. Today jewellery is all about being affordable so you’ll find a lot of choices in whatever budget you have. Do your research to know what’s trending, what the stylists are recommending and what the celebrities are wearing! Usually, Jewerelly is bought after choosing the outfit, but the exact opposite should be done – pick your jewellery before you pick your outfit. This will help the two coordinate better.

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