May 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Right Kind Of Pearl

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Your A-Z Guide on Buying The Right Type of Pearls

If you’re someone who loves buying jewellery, then you’ve probably noticed the different tones of pearls too. Pearls are available in colours of grey, white, pink, and blue. They are an essential element used in the latest pearl necklace designs and modern jewellery. Before you go about investing in that pearl necklace, you need to understand the types of pearls and how they differ from one another.

Now, let’s dive right into the different types of pearls so that you can pick the right pearl jewellery the next time you go shopping for the latest pearl necklace designs.

  • Natural Pearls

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Natural pearls are rare and expensive, and that’s the reason most jewellers depend on cultured pearls to make the latest pearl necklace designs and other pearl jewellery that’s in demand today. These pearls are made of conchiolin and calcium carbonate, so if you happen to get one, you should hold on to it! Natural pearls come in different shapes and sizes, and the perfectly round pearls are the rarest to find.

  • Cultured Pearls

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Cultured pearls are used in the latest pearl necklace designs with a combination of other stones. These types of pearls are made in either saltwater or freshwater, and may not necessarily be of high quality. Cultured pearls usually come in a uniform shape and size and can be dyed to any colour. Depending on the latest pearl necklace designs, they are available at various prices depending on the rarity and quality of the pearl. There are four types of cultured pearls. They are Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian.

  • Akoya Pearls

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Akoya Pearls are cultured saltwater pearls. The finest of Akoya Pearls come from Japanese farms and are most commonly found in white and rose tones in the latest pearl necklace designs. They are perfectly round and smoother than other types of pearls available. Latest pearl necklace designs are made using Akoya pearls to give that exquisite and expensive look to the piece.

  • South Sea Pearls

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South Sea pearls are found in Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines. They stand out from other pearls in the latest pearl necklace designs because of their ability to grow larger than other cultured pearls. They are large and are found in colours from white to gold. The pearls have a soft and luxurious touch. Trendy and latest pearl necklace designs are made using South Sea pearls.

  • Tahitian Pearls

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Tahitian Pearls are created in French Polynesia. Known for their rich, black colour, they can be found in other colours too including white, greens and grey. It’s said that the colour comes from the oyster’s lips. If you’re looking out for the latest pearl necklace designs in rich dark shades, then Tahitian pearls are the way to go.

  • Freshwater Pearls

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Freshwater pearls are commonly found in China; they grow in mussels that live in lakes and rivers. These pearls are not very glossy and lustrous, and they come in a variety of colours and shapes. They are cheaper than the saltwater pearls and are used in the latest pearl necklace designs like multi-strand neckpieces and bracelets.

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