December 2022

Uncut Diamond Earrings

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Diamonds are girls’ best friend’ – this is every woman’s and probably every jeweller’s motto!

It is difficult to separate women and jewellery and especially in today’s market where the available options are infinite. Times have changed, so have women and their taste in jewellery- so Jewellers and designers are also coming up with new innovative designs and materials to meet the customer’s needs. Amongst  Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Gemstones, Pearls etc – diamond Jewellery, has, however, Been a Favourite since ages. From historic times, when Kings and Queens valued the diamond as an asset or in their jewellery, up till now – when a rock on the finger or a diamond necklace is every woman’s dream!

Diamonds take thousands, in fact, millions of years to form under the Earth’s crust under extremely high temperatures and pressures. These conditions make diamond one of the hardest substances in the world, being almost indestructible. This also makes diamonds ideal for industrial uses like cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, etc.

But this stone of glitz and glamour in its rough form is nothing but a piece of rock – it’s cut and polish gives it the sparkling Lustre everyone’s so crazy out. Princess, pear, oval, marquise round are some of the popular cuts. Diamonds usually appear white and luminescent, but a professional person can notice a yellowish or brownish tint in the diamond. The value of the stone depends on it’s whiteness-the whiter the costlier. The clarity of the diamond should also be high – natural diamonds come with high clarity and hence are more expensive.

The value of this gifted stone depends on the 4 C’s – carat, cut, colour and clarity. The value is usually calculated in carats, and a carat equals around 200 milligrams. The more the weight, the bigger the diamond, the higher the price shoots up!

Now which woman wouldn’t like a beautifully cut, pure white rock, exhibiting radiance on her finger or her neck! Amongst all types of diamonds, the uncut ones are trending these days. A pair of uncut diamond earrings are almost like a must have in every woman’s collection. Depending on where to choose to wear it, there are various types of earrings available – for office or daily wear, you can go for a simple yet elegant uncut diamond top. And for parties or other occasions, get a pair of dangling uncut diamond earrings that will steal the attention in any room that you enter! Even for marriages, brides can for a diamond set, with gorgeous uncut diamond earrings to match – this will light up your look and make it memorable throughout your coming years. Uncut diamond earrings also make for great gifts – depending on your budgets, anyone would Beam with happiness if they receive diamonds as a gift!

The best quality of a diamond is: it is timeless. This means that any woman of any age can sport diamond earrings – young girls to their grandmothers. You, in your skin, are already beautiful, and these uncut diamond earrings will enhance your beauty even more!

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