May 2022

Unique & Rare, Your Vanity Needs To Have A Grey Pearl Necklace

Best Grey Pearl Necklaces for the Contemporary Woman

Pearls necklaces are the best accessory for every woman. You can wear them with Indian as well as Western outfits with ease. They come in various beautiful colours and one such colour is grey. Grey pearl necklaces are versatile as they add a unique touch and also blend well with all your outfits.

They can be naturally grey or be coloured using radiation or dyes during the culture process. Grey pearl necklaces have an exotic feel. The unusual colour is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd of white or golden pearl necklaces.

Grey pearl necklaces belong in a world of their own. Unlike other colours of pearls, there are many different shades of grey pearls. If you want an accessory that can add some sparkle and style to your wardrobe, then grey pearl necklaces are just what you need.

Here are a few options of grey pearl necklaces you must consider.

  • Tahitian Grey Pearl Necklace String

Buy Tahitian Grey Pearl Necklace String

Tahitian pearls are naturally grey. This Tahitian grey pearl necklace string is the perfect example of the beauty of Tahitian pearls. The flawless round pearls are strung together using a gold string. Grey pearl necklaces like these will complement a black designer saree or a black and white saree.

  • Two-Lined Pearls String

Buy Two-Lined Pearls String

Light grey pearls are the epitome of grace. Grey pearl necklaces like this two-lined pearls string are just what you want for a formal occasion like a cocktail party or an office party. It can give you a royal look when you match it with an organza saree.

  • Steel Grey Radiation Pearl String

Steel Grey Radiation Pearl String

This may seem like a hard colour to carry off, but you will be surprised at how easy it is to carry off this steel grey radiation pearl string with all your outfits. Steel grey pearl necklaces add a touch of sophistication and are perfect for a maxi dress or even with a simple cotton kurta.

  • Grey Natural Pearls Necklace

Buy Grey Natural Pearls Necklace

What can elevate grey pearl necklaces even further? Rubies! This grey natural pearls necklace has rubies interspersed with the grey pearls. You can wear this grey pearl necklace with a red chiffon saree for a date night or for a family function.

  • Natural Grey Pearls Necklace

Buy Natural Grey Pearls Necklace

There is a certain charm of grey pearl necklaces with uniformly-sized pearls. It is similar to the classic white pearls necklace but with a modern twist in the form of grey pearls. This natural grey pearls necklace is perfect to go with a red maxi dress for a cocktail party. You can pair it with a georgette saree as well.

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