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Authentic Hyderabad Pearl Jewellery Online +91 8499011111




How do I know that all your precious stones (including diamonds) are original?

We will provide an authenticity certificate along with your jewellery that certifies that the precious stones are 100% authentic.


Can I ask for my own design to be made?

In gold-based jewellery, we take orders for customized jewellery. Please call us at +918499011111. You can also drop us an email at [email protected].


Where is your jewellery made?

All of our jewelry is assembled in India. However, the precious stones and pearls are sourced from outside.


What is a CZ stone?

CZ Stone or Cubic Zirconia is man-made diamond equivalent which has similar optical characteristics as real diamonds. Sand or dirt will not scratch a CZ stone. They are generally heavier than diamonds.


Do you use conflict free diamonds?

Yes, we only use conflict free diamonds in our jewellery.


Are your prices the same online and offline?

Yes, our prices are consistent across all our offline stores and our online store.




Do pearls come in different colours?

Yes, there are several different colours of pearls including black, grey, brown and purple. While white is the most popular, the other colours are also either naturally occurring or cultured.


Do pearls come in different shapes?

Yes, contrary to popular perception pearls occur in various different shapes including drop, baroque, button and round. In fact round pearls are a rarity in the world of natural pearls.


Are all pearls used in jewellery naturally occurring?

Naturally occurring pearls are a rarity and have always been so owing to the long process of creation. However, nowadays the most commonly used pearls in jewellery are cultured pearls. They are artificially cultivated in large quantities by pearl harvesters. 


Are black pearls and Tahitian pearls the same?

In earlier times when pearls were only available in their natural form, the black variant was something of a rarity. In recent years, however, controlled harvesting techniques have made them more easily available and in greater numbers too. Currently, two of the important natural habitats of black pearls are the Tahiti Island of Polynesia (which produces 95% of the black pearls in the world) and Cook Island (responsible for the remaining 5%). 


How do I calculate the value of a pearl?

There are 6 main aspects to consider while valuing a pearl nacre, luster, surface, shape, colour and size.


What is mother of pearl?

Mother of pearl, also known as nacre is an iridescent material that is found in the shell lining of pearl oysters. Mother of pearl is also used in several pieces of jewellery.


How is Hyderabad synonymous with pearls?

The Nawabs of Hyderabad, along with other members of royalty had great love for pearls. This naturally encouraged pearl merchants from around the world, especially the Arabian Gulf, to come to the city in hopes of finding better market for their good. And, that is how Hyderabadi pearls gained their name.




Can I order over phone?

Yes, you can place an order over phone. Please call us at +91 8499011111 with the product code.


How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel by sending us an email with the Order ID to [email protected].


How does a COD order work?

In case you are not comfortable using your card for online payment, you can go in for the Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) option where you pay for a product in cash, after it gets delivered to you. Currently, we have the COD option for Pan-India. In case your city does not have the option for COD, we will call you and inform you about the same as soon as we receive your order.


Are all products available on COD?

No, products are available on COD only when for order value under Rs. 50,000.




What is the estimated delivery time?

We try to deliver all products between 5-7 working days. While silver and fashion jewellery get delivered within 4-5 working days, gold products could take longer than 7 days on occasion based on the design of the product and its availability.


Will my product be safe during the course of delivery?

Your jewellery is placed in a KJPG box, which is packed in tamper proof packaging to ensure the contents are intact.


Through what carrier do you ship?

We use Blue Dart Courier Service, Delivery Courier, FedEx Courier Service etc to ship your order.


How do I track my order after shipping?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive the order ID along with the shipment tracking number via email and SMS from KJPG. You can track your order either through the Blue Dart Service website (using the tracking ID) or call us at +91 8499011111.


Will someone call me before delivering my order?

Yes, we will ensure someone calls you before delivering your order, thereby ensuring you are at home to receive it. In the event that you are not at home to receive your order, we will intimate you via SMS and email.


What can I do if I received a wrong product ?

Call our Customer Care team at +91 8499011111 or drop us an email at [email protected] within 24 Hours after Product Delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally as yet. However, we intend to start the service very soon.




What is the procedure for return?

Call our customer care team at +91 8499011111 or drop an email to [email protected]and they will guide you further.


Can I exchange my item for something else on your website?

Yes, you can exchange your product for something else on the KJPG online store. You need to return the product along with a copy of the invoice within the 30-day exchange period and purchase a new product for the same invoice value.


Call our customer care team at +91 8499011111 or drop an email to [email protected] for more information.


How do I know if my returned product has reached you?

We usually suggest a lead-time of 2 weeks from the day you sent the product to the day we receive the same. The moment your product comes to us, we will intimate you via SMS and email.


How long will it take to refund?

We usually take 15 days to refund the amount for a returned product. You will receive an email and SMS once the refund has been processed.