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Sri Rama

Best Pearl Jewellery Store in Hyderabad, Get Nice Pearl Collections.
Google Rating 4.8 /5 -138 Reviews
18 Sep 2021

Somaprakash R

 Polite and humble staff pearls section (Mr. Pasha) in second floor. Also they are having good pearl jewellery collections.
18 Sep 2021

Rohit Sharma

Store has a very good pearls collection, great for shopping pearls of all price range. service is excellent. All staff members has good knowledge about jewelry and showed us a lot of variety of items. Must visit for pearl shopping in Hyderabad.
18 Sep 2021

Mad at Cricket

The service was really good. The designs of the pearl jewellery were really good quality and they offered reasonable discounts on the product. The sales representative, Mr Shoukat, was very polite, provided all the information about pearls, and handled all the queries with Grace.
18 Sep 2021